Julio Jimenez on the internets

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Links to stuff I like.

ClickHouse It's the fastest OLAP database in the universe. Oh, and I work there.
Fosstodon One of the best Mastodon instances in the Fediverse.
LinkedIn My other social hang out.


Heh. I'm like the worst when it comes to personal/pet projects. Oh, and blogs! Which is why I opted for a super-static ugly site this time around. So here are some maybe completed, maybe half-done projects I may or may not be working on at the moment. 😎

clickhouse-cl Common Lisp ClickHouse Client Library. It is 0.01% done.
GeoIntel An open source GEOINT tool, or that's what I hope it will be, some day.
julio.sh The ugly web site you're on right now. 😂
traxiom.io I occasionally contribute to this project.