Julio Jimenez on the internets

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Links to stuff I like.

ClickHouse It's the fastest OLAP database in the universe. Oh, and I work there.
Common Lisp The programmable programming language. Also the best programming language.
Fosstodon One of the best Mastodon instances in the Fediverse.
LinkedIn My other social hang out.
LispCentral An open community for all who love Lisp.


Heh. I'm like the worst when it comes to personal/pet projects. Oh, and blogs! Which is why I opted for a super-static ugly site this time around. So here are some maybe completed, maybe half-done projects I may or may not be working on at the moment. 😎

clickhouse-cl Common Lisp ClickHouse Client Library. Also listed as a ClickHouse Community Integration.
julio.sh The ugly web site you're on right now. 😂
traxiom.io I occasionally contribute to this project.